Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ever Widening Circle

Many of you that have read my blog, (though not many) know that this is a blog about my genenalogy... and have read about my search for my Native American roots.  I have found rather quickly in my research information about Fredric Webster son of Solomon & Mary (Wilson) Webster.  I stated in the blog entry "...Some in Michigan are living..." -

"Calling me back "home," beckoning me is a little piece of land. Ironically it is called Barkhamsted Lighthouse. I ponder the inhabitants of the Lighthouse "Tribe" even thought what it's name would mean to those coming after them. To me it is a beacon deep in my heart. A passion that was my mother's and my grandmother's to stand where the Websters & Chagum's once stood."

It's all coming full circle.... Probably a year ago I connected with Coni Allen-Dubois, also descendant of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Tribe. (I figured out that she is my 7th cousin, 1x's removed - LOL!)  She has done extensive work & traveled far & wide to collect the "stories" of our family.  Coni has asked me to join her blog & write updates on my Webster family line there.  I am truly honored & totally excited to be joining an awesome sister to dig up all the stories we can collect on the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Tribe. :-)  You can check her Blog out at Ever Widening Circle - I will be posting very soon :)

Summer's here!!!

G'morning! Summer is here, school is out & it's time to take weekly visits to cemeteries... I've been out & about to 3 cemeteries... plan on more.  I think it's very important to teach my children the importance of taking care of graves & how to respect them. 

I remember trips to cemeteries in the summer with my Grammy Vincent. She would tell me stories about our family. Things like "My uncles lived there," pointing to a empty piece of land... "... and after they died me & my girlfriends used it as a playhouse until one day your grandpa & some of his friends scared us and filled the kitchen table with dead birds!"
She goes on to tell me about her uncles...
"Uncle Stub & Uncle Steven were farmers.  They have always lived together.  Uncle Stub was, well something was wrong with him, he looked like someone had smash his head down into his body, he was slow mentally.  But he was so sweet to us kids.  They died within days of each other, I remember going to the funeral, they had died from tuberculous or something that was going around at that time."

Clayborn "Stub" Palmer

I then did some research...

Stephen Lewis and Clayborn Lester were 6th & 9th son of Syrenous Palmer & Terissa A. Chase.

Stephen was born on 7 Sept 1878 in Michigan or Ohio.  I find him in 1880 in Duplain, Clinton County, MI with his parents.  Clayborn was born 8 September 1885 in Brant, Saginaw County, MI.  I find both Sephen & Clayborn in 1900 & 1910 in Brant, Saginaw County, MI with their parents.  They lived together in 1920 in Brant, Saginaw County, MI.

Stephen died on 11 April 1931 in Brant of Pneumonia (not really tuberculous but my grandma was 9 at the time of their death).  Clayborn died on 13 April 1931 in Brant of Pneumonia, only 2 days after Stephen died.

Both are buried in Brant Cemetery in Saginaw County, Michigan.

Clayborn & Stephen's Grave Stone in Brant Cemetery.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Canadian Genealogy...

The people in the photo, are James Tyrrell & his first wife Sarah Coulbeck.
James Tyrrell was born 17 Mar 1865 in Bayham, Ontario, Canada the son of Ambrose Tyrrell & Mary Lane. He married Sarah Coulbeck on 19 Oct 1885 in Tilsonburg, Oxford, Ontario, Canada. Sarah was born Abt 1859-1860 in Ashby cum Fenby, Lincolnshire, England. In 1861 she is in the England Census in Eastville, Lincolnshire, England. She died sometime between 1891-1895 in Ontario, Canada. Sarah was the daughter of Charles Coulbeck & Hannah Blythe.
* Looking for more information on Sarah Coulbeck.
Post Card sent on Sep 14, 1908 (9 AM)
To Mrs. Bert Webster, Lawton, Mich.
Reads:"Lizzie--This is view of our house. Mother is one in black-the short one. Jip is sitting beside her. It is I on the top step. Pa happened to be down town so wasn't in it. F. N. T."

F. N. T. could be Nora.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

40th Birthday!!!

I'm still researching the Webster family. My husband bought me a 6 month membership with Ancestry.com - while researching on there I found several photos of the Webster family. This one is of Frederic Roy Webster & his wife Mary B. Blett Webster, my great great grandparents. Not sure when it was in the paper, but it says they are celebrating their 65 wedding anniversary.

I've got them being married on 26 Mar 1878 in Shermantown, Allegan County, MI (source: Dibean Marriage Collection) and they both died in 1942 (her in Feb & him in Nov). So if the marriage year is right they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in 1943 which is impossible.... OR I've death dates wrong, which I doubt because I found their death records on Ancestry.com & correspondence with a granddaughter of theirs.

I celebrated my 40th birthday, and yes I did have a minor mid-life crisis... but I snapped out of it when my hubby gave me this gift & my zeal for research was renewed. I can't wait for some free time to make a trip to the State of Michigan's Library to get into some "old school" researching. :-) All in all, my birthday was a mildstone I will not forget anytime soon.

Much Love from Michigan

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Genealogy Gaps...

Recently a friend asked me to "teach" her how to find her ancestors... my advice was to "start with yourself, your parents, your grandparents, their siblings, their cousins... then you can dig deeper." With that advice I realized that I have some major gaps in my more recent genealogy.

This photo of the girls by the old car is my grandma Lash with her siblings & cousins. I realize I have lots of empty spots under their names. I have filled out my grandma's information but not her sisters or cousins. It was taken at my great grandmother Elizabeth Webster's funeral, so it was in July 1921. Right to left I will place what I do know about each child in the photo.

Maxine M. Mohney (in the dirty looking dress, I think she is like me, I'm sure she was all clean & as soon as possible she got in the dirt... yep that's how I was LOL!) She was born in 1916 in Michigan. She was the 3rd daughter of Nora Delle Webster & James Clarence Mohney. I found her in the 1930's Census living with her sister Ruth & Ruth's husband Clarence Cook in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, MI. And in Ruth's obituary in 1999 Maxine had already passed.

Alice J. Webster (in black dress with white colar - also photo to the right with Edith) born February 24, 1908 in Lawton, Van Buren County, MI oldest child to Bert Alvin Webster & Elizabeth Ann Tyrrell. I found her in the 1920 Census with her parents in Genesee County, MI. The first marriage record I found of her was to Frank J. Glimos, but she had already been married to a Mr. Flintoff - but I can not find any record of her first husband. She married Frank Glimos on July 26, 1947 in Genesee County, MI. He died in 1962 in Saginaw, Saginaw County, MI. Alice died March 1, 1977 in Genesee County, MI. She is buried in Grace Lawn Cemetery, Flint, Genesee County, MI (same cemetery as her parents). Alice & my grandmother Edith were very close & spent a lot of time together.

Ruth Carol Mohney (white'sh dress with the baby in front of her - mother Ruth Ann was named after her; the photo to the right is Ruth) was born December 3, 1909 in Lawton, Van Buren County, MI. The oldest child & daughter of Nora Delle Webster & James Clarence Mohney. First record I found of her was with her husband Clarence Cook in the 1930 Census in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, MI. Clarence & Ruth must have divorced, since he died in 1968 & she married Jack C. Haas in 1938 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, MI. Ruth died on March 26, 1999 at the Lifecare Center in Plainwell, Allegan County, MI, her funeral was held on March 28, 1999 at the Rupert, Durham, Marshall & Gren Funeral Home Vicksburg Chapel in Vicksburg, Kalamazoo County, MI. Ruth was buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Lawton, Van Buren County, MI (as well as her 2nd husband Jack.)

Rosetta "Betty" Webster (the baby in front of Ruth; she is the little girl to the right) born 5 months before her mother Elizabeth died on February 13, 1921 in Lawton, Van Buren County, MI. Youngest child/daughter to Bert Alvin Webster & Elizabeth Ann Tyrrell. She moved in with her Aunt Nora after her mother died. Betty died on September 24, 1929 in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, MI of Primary Lobar Pneumonia (Aka: Tuberculous). I haven't found where she is buried, but I am assuming Kalamazoo or Flint. I would love to find out more about her, but since she only lived 8 years, it's harder.

Edith Irene Webster (in black sailer type outfit; this is my grandma Lash) she was born August 31, 1914 in Lawton, Van Buren County, MI. She is the second child/daughter of Bert Alvin Webster & Elizabeth Ann Tyrrell. She married Ray (Roy) Lash on December 31, 1936 at the Mt. Morris Methodist Church in Mt. Morris, Genesee County, MI. They had 12 children, and lived in Flint, Genesee County, MI until they moved to Chesaning, Saginaw County, MI in 1960's. She lived in Chesaning until the time of her death on June 21, 2007, where she passed away at her home surrounded by loved ones. She is buried in Wildwood Cemetery in Chesaning, Saginaw County, MI next to her beloved husband Ray. I have many memories of my grandma. She told me that she loved hummingbirds because her mother loved them, that Elizabeth (called Lizzie) had a vine outside her kitchen window so the hummingbirds would come. Edith also loved butterflies because her mother thought they were beautiful.

The last child is Lurena W. Webster (she is looking down) she was born on August 14, 1919 most likely in Lawton, Van Buren County, MI (haven't found the record, grandma told me the birthdates of her sisters). She was the 3rd child/daughter of Bert Alvin Webster & Elizabeth Ann Tyrrell. She married a Mr. Papple (can't find any record of this yet), but when she married her 2nd husband Howard B. Welch on June 14, 1945 in Genesee County, MI she was Lurena Papple. Howard died in 1955 in Genesee County, MI & is buried in Gracelawn Cemetery in Flint, Genesee County, MI. Lurena later married Harry Quinn on September 22, 1984 in Genesee County, MI. Lurena was named after her mother's sister Lurena Tyrrell & also my grandmother named one of her daughter's Lurena. Lurena died January 19, 1996 in Genesee County, MI and is buried in Gracelawn Cemetery.

The following photo is of Bert & his 3 grown up daughters sometime in the early 1960's, from left to right is Lurena, Bert, Edith & Alice.

Friday, March 2, 2012

....Some in Michigan are living...

Calling me back "home," beckoning me is a little piece of land. Ironically it is called Barkhamsted Lighthouse. I ponder the inhabitants of the Lighthouse "Tribe" even thought what it's name would mean to those coming after them. To me it is a beacon deep in my heart. A passion that was my mother's and my grandmother's to stand where the Websters & Chagum's once stood. To see the old cemetery & foundations of the homes, that are barely noticed today. To somehow feel their presence from the past. To visit the town's Historical Society and Records vault, to find my ancestors name in some forgotten record.
It all starts with JAMES CHAGUM and MOLLY BARBER.

James Chagum, son of Great James Chagum and Jane/Priscilla Sands, was born in Jun 1710 in Block Island, Washington County, RI. James went to worked as a gardener for Molly's father. Other notable events are; Land Grant: 1760. "James Chaugham being awarded a land grant in 1760 by the British Gov. of GT.", Military Service: Possible that he served in the French Indian Wars. Molly Barber was born about 1714, uncertian where, some reports of Ireland others Wethersfield, CT. Her father's name could be Peter Barber, but it is unknown. In the 1800, Litchfield County, CT. "Mary Chaugum, P. 32, with 1 Female-over 45, 3 free persons in family"

The story goes that Molly had many male callers, she fell in love with a gentleman caller, and her father denied them to get married and locked her up on their grounds, the gentleman then moved out west. James seeing Molly so sad gave her a rose from the garden and a friendship blossomed. They eventually fell in love and decided to run away so they could be together. Molly's angered father chased them from Wethersfield, CT into an Indian village near Barkhamsted, were he passed right by Molly and didn't even recognize her. Molly and James fearing that they'd be descovered then settled in the mountain range around Barkhamsted where they flourished. They had 8 children in all; Two boys Samuel who married Miss. Green of Sharon, CT and Solomon who married Miss Hayes & now I have found that he may have also married a Ms. Sophia Bills (Webster) who died while giving birth on 3 Mar 1848 in Kent, Litchfield County, CT. Six girls, two who never married Elizabeth who died in 1854 and Sally who died young. Meribah (aka: Mary) who married Samuel Lawerence. Hannah Sands who married Ruben Barber in 1784. Mercy married Isaac Jacklyn. Mary (aka: Polly) married William Preston Wilson Sr, who was a preacher (some say Baptist) and a school teacher, he also served in the Revolution War, he was lame possibly from battle of Monmouth.

William P. Wilson Sr & Mary/Polly Chagum lived at the Lighthouse site, & had 4 known children; Susan (b. 1795) married Daniel F. Clarke, Esther (b. 1796) married David Haskell, Polly (b. 1771) married Joseph Elwell Sr. [I have found 6 children for them, one who is Sybil Elwell who married Montgumery Webster, who was the father of Solomon Webster], and finally their only son William Preston Wilson Jr, (b 1799) married Harriet Wilson - daughter of Eli Wilson & Huldah Wadsworth Cook. [I have found 5 children for them one of whom is Mary Wilson who married Solomon Webster the son of Montgumery Webster].

Sybil Elwell & Montgumery Webster's children were said to be 11 but I have only found 8; Solomon (b. 1828) married Mary Wilson, Henrietta (b. Jun 1830), Minerva (b. 1834), William (b. 1840), Prudence (b. 9 Jan 1845), Henry (b. 1 May 1848 d. 20 May 1848), Stephen (b. 15 Jun 1849) & Samuel (b. Nov 1850). Sybil died 21 July 1851 in Bela Squire Crossing in Farmington, Hartford County, CT age 47 years old and Montgumery died 16 Aug 1883 in Winchester, Litchfield County, CT age 81 years old.

Solomon Webster & Mary Wilson had 11 known children; Franklin (b. 1850) married Mary Corlis in 1882, Laura (b. 30 Jul 1851) married Isaac Elwell [grandson of Joseph Elwell Sr. & Polly Wilson], Frederic Roy (b. 1852) married Mary Blett, Riley (b. Mar 1858 d. 24 Jun 1917) never married, Susan (b. 14 Aug 1861) married Andrew Cochran in 1878, Watson Squires in 1888 and Walter Humphrey in 1810, Janet (b. 1864) married Edwin Snow, Isadora "Dora" M. (b.1860's) married Francis W. Hack, Emma (b. 22 Feb 1868) married Egbert King in 1891, Mary (b. 1869 d. 1869) died of Cyanosis, Daniel (b. 1870), Justina Janet (b. 1870 d. 1870) died of Cyanosis. I also have two other children in the census with them a Prudence (b. 9 Jan 1859) and a Ferdine (b. 1859) - believe these are the same person & I also believe that Prudence is Solomon's sister.

The above photo was taken at Bert's wife Lizzie's funeral July of 1921.

Left to Right: Stanley, Bert, Frank, Fred Jr, Nora, Minnie, Elmer, Judd. Fred & Mary Webster standing in front in the middle.

Frederic Roy Webster [moved to Michigan with his aunt & uncle, Isaac Elwell (b. 1812) & Thankful M. Wilson (b. 1812) after 1870] he & his wife Mary Blett had 6 children who where all born in Michigan; Frank E. (b. 1878), Lena Belle (b. 1881), Fred Agusta (b. 1883), Bert Alvin (b. 1887), Nora Delle (b. 1889) & Stanley (b. 1892). It should be noted here that in 1880 Frank should have been about 2 years old & he was not in the census with his parents, however a child was with them named Charles that was born in 1879, I believe this is Frank. Also Mary was married before to Henry W. Price & they had 4 children - Nellie, Minnie, Elmer & Byron Judson (aka Judd) & in many census were named Webster.

(The photo to the left is Webster children back row left to right is Frank, Bert, Fred Jr, sitting is Nora & Stanley. Missing in Lena Belle since she died in 1916, I'm assuming that the photo was taken after that time.)

Bert is my great grandfather, his daughter Edith Webster married Roy Lash, her daughter was Ruth Ann Lash who is my mother.

I hold in my hand two wonderful books. The first one is A Village of Outcasts: Historical Archaeology and Documentary Research at the Lighthouse Site by Kenneth L. Feder. GoodReads calls it "A fascinating story of Native Americans, freed African-American slaves, and assorted European outcasts who came together and established a settlement that thrived from 1740 to 1860, this case study integrates the history and archaeology of a multicultural, multiethnic New England village." I have had the book since I purchased some for my mother & grandmother from Walt Langraf in May of 1998 & he sent me a copy as a gift. At that time I was still in college & had limited time to read it, I have recently started reading it again. The book talks about Archaeology terminology & a basic knowledge of Archaeology. It also talks about my second wonderful book "The Legend of the Barkhamsted Light House" by Lewis S. Mills, MA. , which is written in the style of The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

In Feder's book is more factual, while Mills' book is more "romantic" - both are prized possessions of my collection of family heirlooms. Not only do I treasure the information in those books & the papers I received back in 1998, I treasure the friend I had in Walt Langraf, I know that this world is a little bit darker now that he is no longer with us.
One day in the near future I hope to step onto this Valley where my ancestors lived & loved. One day I hope that my children can see the importance of history. The song by Cher, "Gypsy's Tramps & Theives" keeps running through my head; James Chagum was considered a run-away servant, he & his brave wife Molly Barber was considered outlaws...

In Lewis S. Mills book, "The Legend of the Barkhamsted Light House" page 93 he writes...

“Molly Barber and James Chaugham
Dead and Buried-gone forever:
Scattered now are their descendants.
Some are in the Town of Woodbury
Busy digging graves and hunting;
Some in Riverton and Colebrook
Some in Harwinton and Winsted,
Some in Michigan are living.

… Generations speeding onward
In an ever widening circle,
Carry far the blood of Chaugham
And his spouse, brave Molly Barber..."
My family are part of that "...SOME IN MICHIGAN ARE LIVING...."

Friday, February 3, 2012

Civil War website... and February in Michigan

Hello friends... it's February in Michigan & yestreday it was almost 50 degrees!!! Gotta love this globel warming LOL!!!

Found this cool website for Civil War records at http://www.michiganinthewar.org/rosters.htm

The above pic I found at a Saginaw County website (can't remember where now) but it was of the Brant Civil War men... my great great grandfather George Aldrich is in there somewhere just can't get it big enough to really see... will have to find the pic larger somewhere :)

Happy Hunting!