Monday, August 29, 2011

Genealogy slump

We all go through times when we just can't find anything or life takes over & we don't have time to research all that we want to. I have been there. This last year & a half has been crazy here in the Carsten house. My husband Marty is still recovering from Meningitis, but he is doing GREAT! A year ago our little foster baby J left our home & our hearts are broken. We felt the most joy we could have ever felt when we adopted our 2 foster children Z & S. We left our home church of 11 years to follow what God has for us.... and in return have found some of the greatest friends ever!

In July I feel 3 different times, broke a couple toes, and ruptured two disc. Spent the summer healing & loving on my kids... and now we are knee deep in football/cheerleading... ugh!! Hoping school starting will give me some chances to do some genealogy research.

Much love,