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Mary Conley

I've done most of my searches at or

This is somewhat of a time line..

  • Mary Conley born Circa 1831-1835 (based on age at time Census & Marriage's) in Cayuga County, NY.
  • Mary Conley married an Lester Gibbs on 12 Nov 1850 in Lapeer County, MI.
  • Mary & Lester had one daughter Eleanor D. "Ella" Gibbs born between 1852-1854 in Lapeer County. She married (1) John H. Wortman (2) John H. Hand
  • I found Lester in 1860 within the same house as Mary Jane, Eleanor & Philo. (I've been told by a Gibbs family member that Philo married a Mary Jane so where is Lester's wife Mary?)
  • Mary Conley-Gibbs marries Charles M. Garner in 1861 in NY (oddly enough I found a Charles Garner living with an elderly couple Robert & Mary Conly in Cayuga NY in 1860).
  • Daughter Harriet A. "Hattie" Garner born in 24 November 1863 in NY (possible Walcott, Wayne County, NY)
  • Son Albert "Bert" Garner born Circa 1862-64.
  • Charles died while in service during the Civil War in Salisbury Prison, NC on 24 December 1864 of Malnutrition; according to those papers he was born in Cayuga County, NY.
  • Mary, Harriet and Albert moved back to Michigan between 1864 and 1868.
  • Mary married Mortimer Hilliker on 29 March 1868 in Dryden, Lapeer County, MI, and according to that marriage record she was born in Cayuga County, NY.
  • 4 Dec 1868 Lapeer Co., MI, Deeds appointed guardian to daughter Ella Gibbs (I don't understand this but this is what it says... "Ella D. Gibbs, By Guardian Mortimer Hilliker, Metamora Between Mary Hilliker, Metamora, Special Guardian of Ella D. Gibbs, an Infant under 21...Mary Hilliker, mother of Ella Gibbs, appointed guardian 4 Dec 1868")
  • Daughter Lillian J. Hilliker born on 22 Dec 1868 in Dryden, Lapeer County, MI.
  • Then I find them with Mortimer in the 1870 Census, all with the last name of Hilliker in Dryden, Lapeer County, MI. Ella isn't with them, and Albert & Harriet have the last name of Hilliker.
  • In Thornville Cemetery (where Gibb's & Hilliker families are buried) I found a Mary Hilliker buried there, with the dates of 1834-1871 (Thornville Cemetery)
  • In the 1880 Census I can not find Mary or daughter Harriet, Albert is in NY with an uncle Alfred Garner, Lillian is with Mortimer's parents Joseph & Emily.

To finish off the time line it will be focused on her children...

  • I found Harriet marriage record to James G. Neff 3 Jul 1880 in Dryden, Lapeer County, MI, that states that she (Hattie) lived in Dryden and that her mother's maiden name is Mary Conley.
  • I found Lillian (or Lillie)'s marriage to a Guy Sherman on 30 Sept. 1899 in Lapeer, Lapeer County, MI (and also according to that her mother's maiden name was Conley); He married 2 more times after that marriage so I don't know what happen to Lillie.
  • I found an old obit (just the obit, no date no nothing) in a ripped up old Bible back in 1997, and my grandma said it was her grandmother's Hattie Neff's Bible. Here is what it read "Bert Garner, who has been sick for some time with consumption, passed to the spirit life last week Friday night at the home of his only sister, Mrs. James Neff, living south and east of Chesaning. Mr. Garner was 29 years old, and has been a resident here for several years. He made no profession of religion but led a good life" I lived in Chesaning and have not found anything about a Bert Garner at all, you would think if he had "been a resident... for several years" I would be able to find something, right??

It's after 1870 to Harriet's marriage that I can not find where Harriet is or Mary is? Did Mary die after 1870? If not, what happened to Mary??

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer's almost over with...

Thanks God!! I love summer don't get me wrong... but I will get so much more done when I can stay inside!! Maybe then I will start some more genealogy. Please be blessed and may you find all you want. :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Neff/Garner Family...

Oh boy does genealogy have anything to do with LUCK? I think so. I was just playing around and trying to get my sources all in line, so I went to It said James G. Neff born in Michigan married Hattie Gainer on 03 July 1880 in Dryden, Lapeer County, Michigan.

Ok, Dryden is where Mary, Harriet, Albert lived with Mortimer Hilliker in 1870 all with the last name Hilliker. So I went looking in the 1880 census; Albert is with Alfred in NY and I found a Harriet Gainer (Garver) in Hart, Oceana County, MI (which is on the other side of the state from Lapeer) living in the County Poor Farm. I don't know if this is my Harriet or not, where Harriet was from 1870 census and her marriage date of 3 July 1880 I don't know, and then from 1880 to 1900 I don't know where the family is other than Saginaw County.
This photo was found in an old Bible, that was Harriet (Garner) Neff's. The man sitting is James Gilbert Neff. The boys are Howard & Charles Neff, and I knew once who was who, because my grandma told me but now I can't remember and grandma is gone.

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Civil War Search

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors (Search Database)

Hope ya'll like this database. :)

Also I found John & Charity Vincent's gravestones.

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Check out FIND A GRAVE, really cool!!

Search 23.0 million cemetery records at by entering a surname and clicking search:


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John & Charity Vincent

John Vincent, (son of Richard L. Vincent and Elizabeth James), was born from 1860 to 1861 in Michigan, (1, 2) died in 1947 in Michigan, (2) and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery Section I-B, Owosso, Shiawassee County, MI.(2).

General Notes: John Vincent
Birth Date: 1860
Death Date: 1947
Burial Place: Oak Hill Cemetery Section I-B
Misc. Notes: Father (2)

Noted events in his life were:
Occupation: Carpenter, 1920, Flint, Genesee Co., MI (3).

Residence: 1930, Caledonia Twp, Shiawassee Co, MI (3).

John married Charity Mae Wilson, daughter of Isaac Wilson and Jane Potts, on 14 Oct 1886 in Brant, Saginaw County, MI (3, 4). Charity Mae Wilson was born on 18 May 1871, (1, 2, 3) died on 28 Nov 1957 in Owosso, Shiawassee County, MI, (1, 3) and was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery Section I-B, Owosso, Shiawassee County, MI (3).

Children from this marriage were:
i. Allen Vincent was born circa 1897 in Michigan.(3).
ii. John Vincent Jr. was born circa 1902 in Michigan.(3).
iii. Kenneth Vincent was born circa 1911 in Michigan.(3).
1. Census, 1870; Owosso, Shiawassee County, MI.
2. Shiawassee District Library,,
Oak Hill Cemetery Section I-B.
3. Email, Wayne Messecar;
4., Submitted by: Wayne Messecar;

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Current Brick Walls...

Hello all... as we all have Brick Walls, and hit them really hard sometimes, I thought I would put up here the Brick Walls, I am researching right now. :)

Richard L. Vincent & his wife Elizabeth James;
RICHARD L. VINCENT, son of L. (Levi ?) Vincent, was born on 4 May 1815 in Michigan or New York, (Census, 1860 & 1880 says born in New York; 1870 & 1900 says born in Michigan.) died on 25 Mar 1906 in Brant, Saginaw County, MI, and was buried in Brant Cemetery, Old Part, Brant, Saginaw County, MI. Richard married ELIZABETH JAMES, daughter of John & Jane James (could of live in Gawler, Australia), sometime between 1851 to 1853. Elizabeth was born on 8 Jan 1832 in England, died on 7 Jul 1920 in Marion Springs, Saginaw County, MI, and was buried in Brant Cemetery, Old Part, Brant, Saginaw County, MI.(Her stone says 'Mother' next to Richard's grave and the cemetery index says that it is her.) Now my brick wall is Richard's & Elizabeth's parents and their children. They had 8 children; Adelene/Adella (married to a William ?), Louisa (can't find her at all, only in a census), Levi (married to Elizabeth F. Cobblie?), Henry (again only found in census), John (married to Charity Mae Wilson), James (married to Evaline Wilson), Mary Jane (married to William Allen Wilson & Abram Charles Coon) and William (married to Almyra Aldrich).

Phebe Dowd or Phebe Lash; birth mother of John Henry Lash. John Lash was born illegitimate on 20 August 1869 in Richfield Township, Genesee County, MI. His birth mother was 'Phebe Dowd of Forest Township' - Forest Township is also in Genesee County. John was adopted by LYMAN C. LASH and his wife MARY REINHART, and is in the 1870 census as Frederick born Aug 1869. All other census show his first name as John or John H. Lash. Lyman's sister Betsey married Sylvester Austin Felt and in several census' Phebe is living with them. In 1850 Perinton, Monroe County, NY household of Austin Felt, Phebe is listed as being born in NY and is 8 years old (b. circa 1842); in 1860 Victor, Ontario County, NY household of Austin Felt Phebe Lash is listed as 'Domestic' and is 17 years old, born in NY (b. circa 1843) and finally in the 1870 Grand Blanc, Genesee County, MI census, household of Austin Felt, she is listed as Phebe Dowd and is as 'Keeping House,' she is 29 (b. Circa 1841) still born in NY, and listed right below her is an ETTIE DOWD 4 years old and born in Michigan. **Just a note Lyman C. Lash & Betsey (Lash) Felt have 3 other siblings, Peter, Anson & Joseph (or Josiah). Peter & Anson all of their children have been found, so we are thinking that Phebe Lash is the daughter of Joseph (or Josiah) Lash but can not confirm or deny that.

....and since we are talking sorta about John Henry Lash, his wife DELIA LANE. Her & John's son Dee died in 1918 and John was listed as a widower. She may have owned land in Colorado on an Indian Reservation (that is just a family 'story'). She is found in 1910 in Juanita Township, Tuscola County, MI with her husband John, is is 37 years old, married for 18 years, born in MI and both her parents were born in NY and she has had 5 children that are all still alive at that time. In the 1900 Juanita Township, Tuscola County, MI with her husband John, 27 years old and her birthday in August 1872 in Michigan, married 7 years, 4 children, and parents still born in NY. Next I found a Marriage Record for John Lash and Delia Lane, in Richfield, Genesee County, MI on 6 December 1892. Delia was 20 years old and was from Hadley, Lapeer County, MI. Her father was Isaac Lane from Lapeer County, MI. So I naturally go looking for Isaac Lane in Lapeer County.... I found in 1880 in Elba, Lapeer County, MI an Isaac Lane, 41 years old, born in NY with wife Elsie (31 years old), and children Maggie (age 10), Cordelia (age 6), William (age 5), Charles (age 3) and Minnie (age 1), Now is this the Isaac in the marriage record... I don't know... but it looks like it to me.

ALDRICH/ALDRIGE/ALDRIDGE--AARON ALDRICH, b. Abt. 1810 in NY. Married Almira LOCKWOOD bef. 1835 prob. in NY. Children: George William, Susan, & Anna. George m. Arabella HAMILL in St. Charles, Saginaw County, MI; Susan m._____ALBACH of West Milbrook; Anna m._____CORNELL of Washington.

BERT (ALBERT) GARNER, d. at age of 29, cause of death: consumption. Sister was Mrs. James (Harriet) NEFF. Harriet was b. on November 24, 1863 in NY. Parents were Charles & Mary [CONLEY] GARNER. Lived in Chesaning, Saginaw County, MI at time of death. Need info on Bert and his parents and other siblings, I have his obit, but little information is in it and it was cut out of paper so unknown what year or month he died.

ARABELLA HAMILL; b. August 14, 1850 in Lansing, MI. Married George ALDRICH on February 18, 1866 in St. Charles, Saginaw County, MI. d. August 07, 1920 in Pontiac, MI. Her parents were William D. & Triphena Arabella [MORTON] HAMILL. However she was adopted. Her real name was Faith Charity. There was also a little boy that was adopted by William & Triphena. Would like info on both her adopted family and her biological family.

ALMIRA or ELMIRA LOCKWOOD, b. March 04, 1823 in NY. Married (1) Aaron ALDRICH/ALDRIGE/ALDRIDGE Bef. 1835 prob. in NY. Married (2) William CRAIG in Michigan. d. June 28, 1901 in Corunna, Shiawassee County, MI. Death Record in Shiawassee County Court House says her parents were Mr. DOGE of Corunna and Unknown. But the 1850 Sharon, Washtenaw County, MI census says that Mary LOCKWOOD lived with Aaron & Almira ALDRIGE at the age of 50 being born in NY. The 1860 of St. Charles, Saginaw County, MI census say Mary LOCKWOOD lived with William & Almira CRAIG at the age of 63 being born in NY. Any information on the parentage of Almira/Elmira or Mary LOCKWOOD would be appreciated.

I guess that will be it for now...

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Genealogy Blog

Hello friends, I am starting a genealogy blog. I created this blog because I would like to keep other family members updated in my research...and really my webpage on rootsweb is really outdated, but I can't retrieve my password from them (haha) You can check it out at Sherry's Genealogy Pages.

Today I wanted to share an awesome researching resource that was sent to me over the weekend. It's an Online Obituary Index maintained by Public Libraries of Saginaw. It's an index of over 200,000 obituaries from the Saginaw News. And they are adding more and more everyday. You can specifically search the last name and/or date of death to find an obituary you may need. The only downfall to this is... it's just SAGINAW COUNTY, MICHIGAN. Oh that other libraries or Genealogy Societies would start to do this... that would be totally awesome!!

The URL is

Well, Happy Hunting!