Saturday, January 28, 2012

The winter wind is blowing here in Michigan....

.... and I am dreaming of going to cemeteries in the summer....

I know that no one really reads my blog entries... but I love doing them. I started a new hobby... sorta. I am couponing!! I have saved so much money, my husband bought for himself a new motorcyle and I got a tattoo! It hurt like crazy, but I want another one!! :) Going with butterflies I think.

I don't know how some people do all that they do... being a full time mom of 2 kids & all their activities, going to class at church once a week, Bible study, couponing, and all the books I want to read... plus general housework that needs to get done... genealogy & scrapbooking have kinda got pushed down to low priority. :(

My laptop crashed, and I've been slowly rebuilding my genealogy database back up. I am really focusing on sourcing my information. I found a website that helps figure out how to source,

I think one of the ways to get everything done that I want done is to pick a one day a month and do genealogy. :)

Oh also to the Chaugham family who may look at this check out Coni's website... she has extensive research on the Barkhamsted Lighthouse tribe in CT :)

Happy Hunting!