Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ever Widening Circle

Many of you that have read my blog, (though not many) know that this is a blog about my genenalogy... and have read about my search for my Native American roots.  I have found rather quickly in my research information about Fredric Webster son of Solomon & Mary (Wilson) Webster.  I stated in the blog entry "...Some in Michigan are living..." -

"Calling me back "home," beckoning me is a little piece of land. Ironically it is called Barkhamsted Lighthouse. I ponder the inhabitants of the Lighthouse "Tribe" even thought what it's name would mean to those coming after them. To me it is a beacon deep in my heart. A passion that was my mother's and my grandmother's to stand where the Websters & Chagum's once stood."

It's all coming full circle.... Probably a year ago I connected with Coni Allen-Dubois, also descendant of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Tribe. (I figured out that she is my 7th cousin, 1x's removed - LOL!)  She has done extensive work & traveled far & wide to collect the "stories" of our family.  Coni has asked me to join her blog & write updates on my Webster family line there.  I am truly honored & totally excited to be joining an awesome sister to dig up all the stories we can collect on the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Tribe. :-)  You can check her Blog out at Ever Widening Circle - I will be posting very soon :)

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